• Torrefaction
    Biomass & DDGS Dryers
    Heat Based Phytosanitation
  • Fibre
    Fuel Chips, Paper & Pulp Chips, and Fuel Pellets
  • Whole Logs
    Various Species from North America
  • Gasification from Various
    Biomass Feed Stocks


Alternative Energy is the direction of the future, be ahead of the curve and control your market...



Technology based on decades of experience, not new and unproven companies\technology...



Renewable energy is the future, embrace it today and be years ahead of the competition...



Proven solutions, ready for commercialization and in production now, not years from now...


Where is the Future Heading?

Green Energy
Generation Solutions
State of the Art power generation platforms facilitate advanced off grid generation.

Modular CHP(Combined Heat Power) systems leveraging various technologies including Gasifiers, Anaerobic Digestion, to Municipal Waste plants can fuel generators ranging from 120KW to 1MW.

A Proven platform for the torrefaction of various biomass feedstocks.

We bring extensive expertise in all aspects of the Torrefaction process from engineering to off take contracts. Our Torrefaction platform is a natural extension of TDC's dryer system developed in 1946.

Heat Based
IIPC, ISPM15 compliant heat based, non ozone depleting, chemical free sanitation.

Increased regulation requiring the sanitation of forest products prior to export\import and with restrictions on the use of methyl bromide, heat is the way to go. Our solutions allow you to be compliant and safe.


You Can Trust Our Experience

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of alternative energy generation and renewable fuels. We have people located around the world that can work with you to address any aspect of a project from investment capital, to equipment acquisition to feedstock and off-take contracts. We have the people, equipment and the knowledge you need to address any issues facing your alternative energy project.


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